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Monday, March 5, 2012

Best Mustache In MMA

There have been many fighters out there who have sported some amazing mustaches in their mma careers.  Some are better than others and I think they deserve credit for their exceptional grooming abilities.  This may not help them fight better, but it certainly adds to their overall appeal as fighters.  Below are the top 5 mustaches in mixed martial arts history.

  • Coming in at number five is none other than Dan Severn.  Severn is a UFC Hall of Famer and was one of the pioneers in mma.  His mustached was exceptionally great and many have tried to replicate it. 
  •  Coming in at number four is Dustin Hazlett.  He doesn't always sport a great mustache, but who could forget this mustache to the left.  This only compliments his beard and makes him very entertaining to watch; not to mention his jiu jitsu skills.
  •  Coming in at number three has to be Mike Beltran.  He is an mma referee and he certainly looks like he could be part of the ZZ TOP gang.
  • Coming in at number two has to be Ian McCall.  He fights just like his facial hair; entertaining and wild.  It is only fit that his facial hair matches his fighting style.  This UFC flyweight fighter certainly knows how to sport a classic mustache.
  • Coming in at number one is the one, the only, Mr. Don Frye.  Yes Don Frye or should I say Tom Sellic.  These two have got to be related.  His mustache compliments his American flag shorts quite nicely.  

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